Bottle Type - Cooling Tower

Our fiberglass bottle type cooling tower are friberglass industry’s top quality products.We have been manufacturing and selling water and chemical storage tank products from the very early stage.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks

FRP Engineers has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality, cost-effective fiberglass storage tanks for the petroleum, water / wastewater and chemical markets.

Fiberglass Ducts and Chutes

Fiberglass internal duct liner is commonly used in many commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.  Fiberglass duct liner provides sound attenuation by dampening noise.

Fiberglass Skylight Sheets

Fiberglass sheets are available in economical, agricultural grade panels to our extra strong woven roving reinforced industrial grade panels where strength & impact resistance is important.

Rectangular - Cooling Towers

The RCT-Series (Cross-Flow) Cooling towers are specially designed for low-drift and high efficiency. The range of our RCT Cooling Towers start from 100 RTPH to 500 RTPH in single cell.

Industrial Supply Exhaust Fan

All-purpose exhaust fan for agricultural or industrial applications. The molded fiberglass housing of this fan provides for low maintenance, rust free, corrosion free, easy cleaning and high performance.

Fiberglass Cabins & Hoods

FRP security cabins, FRP Huts, FRP toilet cabin, Fiberglass booths etc. Our extensive experience in the domain has enabled us to manufacture and provide Portable Cabins with excellent quality.

Water Treatment Plant

We at FRP Engineers aim to design the latest technological solutions and builds the top-quality facilities required for these services. FRP is committed to deliver high quality of water plants.

Square Type Counter-Flow Tower.

Square Type Counter-Flow Cooling Tower with spray nozzles and drift eliminators. Do contact our engineers for an optimized design of a Plate Heat Exchanger through computer aided software.


FRP ENGINEERS represents M/S SRP Taiwan Heat Exchange Inc. for Gasketed Plate Type Heat Exchangers and Braed Type Heat Exchangers. The Products is Certified From International Testing Agencies (USA, EU, CN)


We are manufacturer of Fiberglass Shades different designs on demand an attractive addition to the front of your property. Our factory manufactures home and industry shades with different sizes.

PVC In-Fills

Rigid PVC thermo-vacuum formed fillers of thickness ranging from 300 microns upto 400 microns for rectangular cooling towers, shaped in the form of bundles and bonded with solvent-welding chemical.