FRP Engineers has a complete in-house fabrication & testing facility for fabrication of Fiberglass Tanks and Vessels.

Application Sectors:

  • Water, Chemicals & Fuels.

Capacity Range:

  • 100 L to 150,000 L.


  • Vertical / Cylindrical.
  • Horizontal / Cylindrical (with optional cradles).

Additional accessories such as Internal / External Ladders, Safety Railing, Top Platform, Level Glass, Level transmitter, anchoring lugs, lifting lugs, baffles can also be provided.

Fiberglass Storage Tanks are our preferred choice for the storage of Various Industrials Chemical, Fuels or water storage. Our fiberglass tanks are built from premium quality fiberglass composites for the media you intend to store.


  • Corrosion Resistance against a broad spectrum of Chemicals and Liquids.
  • Excellent for outdoor, above-ground & under-ground applications.
  • Flexibility of Design to suit your area limitations.
  • Longer Service Life as compared to Concrete and Steel Tanks.