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Fiberglass Tanks

FRP Engineers has been an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sale of high-quality, cost-effective fiberglass storage tanks for the petroleum, water / wastewater and chemical markets.

Cooling Towers

FRP Engineers provides complete turn-key solutions to your Cooling Water requirements. The purpose built factory combined with professional experience of qualified engineers in the same field gives FRP Engineers the competitive edge over its competitors.

Plate Heat Exchangers

FRP Engineers is the authorized dealer of M/s SRP Heat Exchange Inc. which has its production facility in Germany and Taiwan. The PHEs are certified by various European, American and Chinese testing agencies.

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Architectural Treatments

Fiberglass cornice moldings have become one of the most popular uses of architectural fiberglass. Not only for its ease of use, but fiberglass cornice can be manufactured to replicate most finishes including cast iron, terra cotta, limestone, sandstone, marble, granite, copper, steel, wood, sheet metal.

Fabrication Quality

We use robotics to simultaneously chop glass and spray resin to fabricate our large tank end sections. Robotics ensures optimal strength-to-weight ratio and creates a consistent thickness. Our tanks achieve extremely flat, uniform perimeters for enhancing contact with the mounting surface.

Strong structural framing

Each tank mold is equipped with precision monitoring systems which record the individual materials in pounds of glass, resin, and percent catalyst. Along with this record, we catalog resin type, date of manufacture, and all test data. Information is compiled and filed by tank serial number.


Our best working clients

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Why Choose Us

We shall provide efficient, long-term solutions and designs by offering materials and concepts that are not limited to conventional thinking.

  • As your business partner, our objective is a fair business.
  • We will deliver outstanding quality and best value for your money.
  • We will provide customer service, following safety rules, to exceed your expectations.
  • We will pursue this mission, maintaining the integrity with vendors and customers.

Provides you a “Complete Solution” using leading edge technology.

  • Has a design team with a vast experience profile.
  • Quality engineering. – Efficiency of operation.
  • Flexibility in design to suit client’s requirements.
  • Total backup, backup help wins back customers.
  • After sales services – parts, overhauling, reconditioning etc.

Who we are

Leading Company of Fiberglass products

FRP Engineers, a registered firm by the same name, has been serving Best Cooling Towers in Pakistan the national and international market since 1993. The professionally qualified engineers have formed a group to design, manufacture and deliver HVACR and other engineering solutions with a vast experience of Fiberglass as a Material of Construction. The excellent properties of Fiberglass Material allow replacing many others that get corroded, lose strength or deteriorate.

We want to be our customers’ best partner. Their requirements drive our actions.We focus on products and markets to provide Best Cooling Towers in Pakistan where we can achieve and sustain leadership positions.