Welcome to FRP Engineers

Your reliable partner for HVACR Solutions

Welcome to FRP Engineers

Your reliable partner for HVACR Solutions

Are you looking for a professional Engineering solution for your next big project?

Some of our Esteemed Products

Cooling Towers


FRP Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Cooling Towers in Pakistan. Our purpose-built factory in Lahore is fully capable of manufacturing a wide range of Cross-Flow, Counter-Flow, and special Cooling Towers for applications such as Waste- Water Thermal Treatment and High Temperatures.

Storage Tanks & Vessels


Tanks and Vessels are fabricated in-house to store and handle various Chemicals, Fuels, Water, Organic waste, etc. Applicable ASTM Standards are followed for the Fabrication of FRP Tanks.

Plate Heat Exchangers


Plate Type Heat Exchangers are widely used in the industrial and commercial sectors for fluid-fluid heat exchange solutions.

Fans Supply/Exhaust Fans


Fiberglass Hollow-Blade Fans have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. At FRP Engineers, we manufacture Axial Flow Fans in Fiberglass Material using a unique matrix of Resin and Glass-Fibre for a durable yet energy-efficient operation.

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Leading Company of Fiberglass Products

FRP Engineers, a registered firm by the same name, has served the national and international markets since 1993. The professionally qualified engineers have formed a group to design, manufacture and deliver HVACR and other engineering solutions with a vast experience of Fiberglass as a Material of Construction. The excellent properties of Fiberglass Material allow replacing many others that get corroded, lose strength or deteriorate.

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"There is only one thing that matters, customer satisfaction! And for that, we aim to constantly shape up our organization enabling it to take up challenges related to engineering and fabrication head-on and come out triumphant."

Arshad Javed Farooqi

Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Work Experience 48 Years

Nabil Arshad Farooqi

Director Operations

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Work Experience 19 Years

Waqas Arshad Farooqi

Director Business Development

B.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Work Experience 18 Years